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Different types of wallpaper and their applications

By Louise Nelhams | 26th June 2015

When it comes to freshening up tired walls, you’re pretty much faced with two options: paint or wallpaper. Whilst the condition of the walls can be a factor in your decision, wallpaper offers much more scope to be creative – but while the colour and pattern needs to be chosen carefully, you also need to […]

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Decorating jobs best left to the professionals

By Louise Nelhams | 27th May 2015

Even the most enthusiastic DIYer sometimes faces a decorating task that they wish they’d left to an expert. While many jobs can be attempted with limited skills, some more complicated decorating jobs should really be passed on to a professional with the right experience and tools if you want to be sure of a quality […]

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Common decorating mistakes and how to fix them

By Louise Nelhams | 29th April 2015

No matter how hard you try to avoid it when you’re sprucing up your home, decorating mistakes and accidents can happen. All is not lost though – you just need to know how to fix them! As professional decorators, we know the processes and procedures to avoid the pitfalls of dodgy DIY. But if you’re […]

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Stripping wallpaper the easy way (if there is such a thing!)

By Louise Nelhams | 26th March 2015

If you’re redecorating, stripping wallpaper is an essential but arduous job. You may be going full-out DIY, or taking care of this stage yourself to save money before leaving the rest of the work to a professional decorator. While it’s a fairly straightforward job, like any aspect of decorating, there are certain processes that are […]

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Can hiring a professional decorator actually save you money?!

By Louise Nelhams | 26th February 2015

If you’re planning a decorating or DIY project, it’s a reasonable assumption to think that going it alone will be the cheaper option – but could hiring a professional decorator to do the job actually work out cheaper in the long run? As with many things, it can all depend on your objectives and individual […]

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Expert tips for painting walls – the ultimate guide

By Louise Nelhams | 29th January 2015

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘if the job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it properly’, so rather than just slapping up some paint and hoping for the best, why not take a few minutes to read our top tips for painting walls the professional way? Painting your walls (and ceiling) is a quick and easy […]

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