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How to prepare your house for sale

By Toby | 28th March 2019

It’s a fair assumption – painting and decorating is all about making a house a home. However, many people overlook the power of painting and decorating as an investment. For example, when selling your house, making sure it’s properly put together and spotlessly decorated can add huge amounts to your house’s price tag. The only […]

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How to choose a Painter Decorator (in three steps)

By Toby | 27th February 2019

We can all relate – you want a painter decorator to make your home come alive, but you just don’t know who to choose. Luckily, we’ve put together a straight-talking, three-step guide to help out with that! Accreditation First thing’s first – be on the look out for accreditation. Plenty of people are operating without […]

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How to save damaged coving (on a budget)

By Toby | 21st January 2019

Setting the scene Imagine the beautifully ornate coving in your home has taken a knock. Maybe it’s simply part of the process of aging; or maybe, as was the case with this Georgian house we recently worked on, some kind young upstart has stolen the lead from your roof, and the seepage has left your […]

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Commercial decorating in Leeds by the professionals!

By Louise Nelhams | 29th March 2018

Did you know that as well as our domestic services, we also regularly work with businesses to provide commercial decorating in Leeds and surrounding areas? It’s an aspect of our trade that we really enjoy, and this month we’re going to tell you why we’re excited about expanding this side of our business, and why […]

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decorator using a paint sprayer

Using a paint sprayer for interior decorating

By Louise Nelhams | 28th February 2018

Most DIY decorators tend to use a brush and roller for painting, so they’re generally fascinated when they see us using a paint sprayer! While not perfect for all jobs, a spray gun is often our ‘go-to’ tool for a fast but professional finish – so here are our top tips on how to get […]

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example of minimalist interior design in living room

Minimalist interior design for an uncluttered life

By Louise Nelhams | 26th January 2018

If you’re the kind of person who likes clean, simple lines and a fuss-free life, you might be interested in the minimalist interior design philosophy. Often wrongly associated with stark, cold – or dare we say – boring decor, minimalism doesn’t have to mean soulless, and this month we’re going to show you why. Getting […]

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