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A year of decorating tips from Rushton & Co.

By Louise Nelhams | 21st December 2017

  As another successful year of decorating your homes draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the articles we’ve posted this year. Our goal with our decorating blog is to give you the confidence to take on some of the jobs we think the average DIY or interior design enthusiast […]

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various decorating supplies

Where to buy your decorating supplies

By Louise Nelhams | 29th November 2017

  We don’t know if it’s true that a bad workman always blames his tools, but a professional decorator never does because they know that stocking up on decorating supplies from reputable dealers is essential. This month we’re going to share our definitive list of suppliers, so you can be sure that your gear isn’t […]

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paint on fresh plaster

Tips for painting fresh plaster

By Louise Nelhams | 29th October 2017

  It’s incredibly satisfying to have a room plastered to a high standard, but it needs to be treated carefully in order to get the best finish for your paint – so this month we’re going to give you our top tips for painting fresh plaster like a pro. Painting fresh plaster It would seem […]

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Our guide to wallpaper for every budget

By Louise Nelhams | 3rd October 2017

It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to choosing wallpaper for your home because there’s so much to consider – colour scheme, texture, backing paper, cost… so we’ve created a guide to wallpaper for every budget and taste. Featuring a range of popular wallpaper designers and retailers at all price […]

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Interior design inspired by autumn

By Louise Nelhams | 29th August 2017

Artists and interior design enthusiasts have long drawn inspiration for their work from the beauty found in the natural world, and this week we’re going to look at how we can use the autumnal colour palette to influence our decorating. The rich, inviting colours of autumn are perfect for our living spaces, so let’s take […]

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Repairing a concrete window sill

By Louise Nelhams | 31st July 2017

Repairing a concrete window sill could appear to be a major job that’s far beyond the skills of the average DIYer, but with the proper knowledge, tools, material and preparation, you might find it’s worth considering having a go yourself — unless a complete rebuild is necessary!               Assessing […]

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