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How to save damaged coving (on a budget)

tww-flex / 21st January 2019

Commercial decorating in Leeds by the professionals!

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Using a paint sprayer for interior decorating

Filling and sanding walls ready for painting or wallpaper

By Louise Nelhams | 31st January 2017

We’ve previously written a brief guide on preparing walls, but here we go into a little more detail on how to smooth the surface by applying filler and sanding walls to help you get that genuine pro-standard finish… The main thing that separates the average amateur DIYer from the professional decorator is the attention to […]

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Living room in blue, the colour trend for 2017

Decorating colour trends for 2017

By Louise Nelhams | 23rd December 2016

If your New Year’s resolutions are more geared towards improving your living space than going to the gym then this is essential reading for you! This month we’re going to explore the forecasted decorating colour trends for 2017, so you can be sure that any design ideas you may be toying with are bang up […]

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A guide to watching paint dry! Paint drying times for decorating

By Louise Nelhams | 29th November 2016

  There are many decorating jobs you can take on yourself, including painting and wallpapering, but it’s always essential to follow the correct procedure to produce a professional finish. We’re always talking about preparation and using the right tools for the job, but one factor you may not have considered is how long various paints […]

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Different colours painted on wall

Colours and moods – using colour to change the feel of your room

By Louise Nelhams | 31st October 2016

  When it comes to decorating your home there are always decisions to make, but did you know that your choice of colour can have a big influence on how you feel when using a space? This month on our blog we’re going to show you how to understand the psychology of and link between […]

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Quick guide on how to wash paintbrushes

By Louise Nelhams | 28th September 2016

  If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll notice that we’re always talking about the importance of preparation when starting a decorating project. Apart from the obvious skill difference, this is one of the steps that separates the amateur from the professional – the other one is how you take care of your […]

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Example of someone wallpapering around a window

How to wallpaper around windows

By Louise Nelhams | 30th August 2016

With time, patience and proper preparation, it’s perfectly possible for most handy DIYers to do a decent job of wallpapering. However, there are areas where even the most diligent amateurs struggle to produce a professional finish. Last time on our blog we talked about wallpapering around tricky obstacles like light fittings and plug sockets, but […]

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