Rejuvenate your staff and visitors

Keep your business fresh by bringing the wow factor back into your workspace and rejuvenate your staff and visitors! Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant, a supermarket or industrial site - if your building needs a paint refresh or a full interior decoration following a refurbishment, our friendly team will deliver exceptional results, leaving you to focus on your business. If needed, we can even match our locally made paint with your exact brand colours for a consistent corporate identity.

walls and ceilings-01-01
Internal and external painting

Woodwork repair and painting

wallpapering black

Annual paint refresh and maintenance

wall frieze-01
Wall frieze/corporate branding

bespoke stain-01
Stained glass features


What our clients had to say

What a perfectionist - and a bloody good chap too. Simon painted the front door of my business - Brilliant gloss finish and the metal surface he had to contend with was a challenge. Great dog too!

Andrew Geoghegan

We had Simon in at the weekend to wallpaper our nursery wall. He did a great job very efficiently and without any fuss - he’s also a lovely chap to have a chat with! He also offered the lowest quote of all the local companies we emailed. Would recommend to anyone needing a wallpapering job done around Leeds.


Charlotte Green

Rushton and Co, what a find. Prompt and professional, on time and on price. Simon’s given our office a badly needed facelift and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Fabulous service, wonderful job. Thank you.

Keith Taylor

happy team